Supervisors Select Janice Rutherford To Serve As Board Chairwoman

The board of supervisors on January 8 elevated supervisor Janice Rutherford to the position of board chair.
Rutherford, who represents the county’s Second District, replaced Fifth District Supervisor Josie Gonzales as chairwoman. Gonzales served in that capacity for two years, as is customary with board chair appointments. Rutherford’s term in the board’s lead position is set to likewise expire in January 2015.
Rutherford made a comparatively rapid ascension into the chair position. She was first elected to the board in 2010 and was sworn into office in January 2011. In most cases, a supervisor serves longer than two years before being designated chairperson. In the case of Gonzales, for example, she had been on the board for six years before acceding to the position of chairwoman.
“It is a privilege to be selected to serve as chair,” Rutherford said. “The board has made tremendous strides over the past two years to focus on the County Vision and to restore public faith in county government. I pledge to continue those efforts with the help and support of my colleagues on the board of supervisors. I also look forward to reaching out to county employees and listening to their ideas for further progress in the services we provide to residents and taxpayers.”
Rutherford’s reference to the County Vision pertains to a 20-year action plan based upon a survey of county residents.
The board, led by Rutherford, commended Gonzales for her two years of service at the board’s helm. “You have been an outstanding leader and an outstanding mentor,” Rutherford told Gonzales. “It will be impossible to bring the kind of heart and poignancy to the chairmanship that you did.”
The board also appointed supervisor Gary Ovitt, who had served in the capacity of board chairman from 2009 to 2001, to serve as vice chair for the next two years.
“I am honored in the trust my colleagues have placed in me, and I look forward to assisting chair Rutherford and working with my colleagues on the board, our county staff, and the public to achieve our goals and continue to make the county a great place to live, work, and play,” Ovitt said.
The voter-approved San Bernardino County Charter requires the board to elect a chair at its first meeting in January following an election of supervisors. The chair serves as the board’s general executive agent by presiding over meetings of the board, signing contracts approved by the board, working with the county’s chief executive officer to set the board’s agenda, taking action on the board’s behalf when action is necessary prior to a scheduled board meeting, and fulfilling any other duties as assigned by the board.

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