Police Chief Will Double As Fire Chief While Upland Mulls Outsourcing Options

UPLAND – Police chief Jeff Mendenhall has assumed the temporary position of Upland fire chief following the expiration of interim fire chief Dave Carrier’s contract.
Carrier, who retired as fire chief in Ontario after 36 years with that department in December 2011, had been serving as fire chief in Upland since May 2012. He replaced Mendenhall, who had temporarily moved into the post following the departure of former fire chief Mike Antonucci, who retired in September 2011, but remained in place under contract for six months.
Carrier was brought in with the assumption that he would remain only 10 weeks until the city recruited a new fire chief. In July, however, the city increased his contract for another 960 hours.
At present, the city has reportedly found a fire chief candidate, but has not negotiated final terms on his contract and has been further stymied by the consideration that a proposal to outsource the department is under consideration. In an effort to reduce costs, the city is considering contracting with the city of Ontario, the California Division of Forestry or the county of San Bernardino for fire protection service.
City manager Stephen Dunn is in negotiations with the firefighters’ union over salary and benefit concessions, the outcome of which will have a bearing on whether the city will retain its in-house fire department under its current configuration. For that reason, the city does not want to enter into an employment contract with a new fire chief if there remains the possibility the fire department will be dissolved.

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