Probation Department Using Gift Cards To Bribe Bad Kids To Be Good

In an effort to modify the behavior of the county’s juvenile delinquents, probation officials are offering them what they hope will be positive reinforcement.
In continuation of an ongoing program that has been in place for several years, the county board of supervisors this week authorized the county probation department to purchase $105,934.50 worth of prepaid gift cards which are to be doled out to young probationers deemed to be deserving of such rewards for sticking to the straight and narrow path.
According to Michelle Scray, the county’s chief probation officer, the gift cards will be purchased using money available “through state and federal programs/grants that specifically allow for the use of incentives, public donations, and asset seizures. Approval of this action will provide authorization for the probation department to purchase prepaid gift cards from various vendors for use in fiscal year 2012-13. The probation department provides probationers and juveniles with a variety of prepaid cards as incentive and supportive devices. The use of prepaid cards allows the department to reward juveniles for good behavior and to assist probationers in attending mandatory meetings by supplying bus passes. The department also uses the prepaid gift cards to assist juvenile probationers in the Independent Living Program. This program facilitates the development of independent living skills as juveniles transition from being in placement. It is estimated that the department will need to issue $105,934.50 in prepaid gift cards during fiscal year 2012-13 from various vendors.”
The county will spend $425 to purchase for the probation department 85 Del Taco $5 gift cards; $335 to buy 67 McDonald’s $5 gift cards; $585 to buy 117 Bakers $5 gift cards; $275 to buy 55 El Pollo Loco $5 gift cards; $575 to buy 115 Jack in the Box $5 gift cards; $360 to buy 72 In & Out Burger $5 gift cards; $337.50 to buy 15 Mountain Area Transit (Monthly) $22.50 gift cards; $42,232 to buy 10,558 OmniTrans (Daily) $4 gift cards; $2,250 to buy 150 OmniTrans (7 day) $15.00 gift cards; $22,500 to buy 450 OmniTrans (Monthly) $50 gift cards; $13,860 to buy 3,850 Victor Valley Transit (Daily) $3.60 gift cards; $2,500 to buy 50 Victor Valley Transit (Monthly) $50.00 gift cards; $4,500 to buy 300 $15 Arco gas cards; $3,750 to buy 150 $25 Arco gas cards; $200 to buy 20 $10 AMC movie passes; $1,250 to buy 50 Food 4 Less $25 gift cards; $2,500 to buy 25 Stater Bros. $100 gift cards; and $7,500 to buy 300 Walmart $25 gift cards.

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