Klink Comes From Behind To Edge Cole

(November 23)   Joel Klink has displaced John Cole as the victorious incumbent in the Twentynine Palms city council race.
Initial polling results that came in election night showed newcomer Cora Heiser besting both Cole and Klink. As late as the following morning, Cole was still ahead of Klink. At that point Heiser had 1,579 votes, Cole had 1,563 and Klink trailed Cole by just two votes, with 1,561. But with the tallying of 628 more votes, that order changed. Cole received 291 more votes, Heiser 335 and Klink captured 316, boosting him to a 23 vote margin of victory over Cole.
The most recent available figures from the race show Heiser in the lead with 1,914 votes or 33.91 percent; Klink in second place with 1,877 votes or 33.25 percent and Cole with 1,854 votes or 32.84 percent.
The Sentinel, in its election week coverage, reported that Cole had hung onto his council position and Klink had lost his in the desert city of 25,048 residents.

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