County Undertakes Several Traffic Safety Improvement Efforts

(December 28)   Based upon the recommendations of Gerry Newcombe, the county’s director of public works, the county board of supervisors this month took several actions aimed at improving public safety on various roads throughout the county.
The board approved an agreement with the city of Barstow for the cost sharing of maintenance and service costs associated with traffic signals and lighting at the intersection of Main Street and Lenwood Road through June 30, 2031.
The board approved an agreement with the city of Adelanto to equally share the maintenance and service costs for the proposed traffic signals and lighting at the intersection of Mojave Drive at Bellflower Street in the Adelanto area through June 30, 2022. The board adopted a resolution to establish a “no stopping, standing or parking” zone on both sides of Broadview Avenue, for a distance of 150 feet to the south from Rosedale Curve, in the San Antonio Heights area, and direct the county road commissioner to perform such acts as are necessary to effectuate the change. A traffic engineering investigation on Broadview Avenue in the San Antonio Heights area revealed that vehicles parked on Broadview Avenue, at the intersection with Rosedale Curve, cause northbound vehicles traveling on Broadview Avenue to maneuver over the center of the roadway in order to pass the parked vehicles and cause southbound vehicles entering Broadview Avenue from Rosedale Curve to also cross the center line. As part of the investigation, the department also determined that a stop sign should be installed for Broadview Avenue at Rosedale Curve.
The board also rescinded Resolution No. 2012-164, which was adopted by the board of supervisors on August 21, 2012, and directs the county road commissioner to remove the speed and weight restriction signs for Harper Lake Road in the Hinkley area that were erected as a result of Resolution No. 2012-164.
The board further adopted a resolution to allow angled parking along Pine Street and Apple Avenue adjacent to the Wrightwood Skate Park, in the Wrightwood area.

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