Connector From 210 To South 215 Completed

(July 27)  SAN BERNARDINO –The San Bernardino County Transportation Agency on July 23 announced that the long-awaited connector road from the east 210 Freeway to the south 215 Freeway has been completed.  The opening of the road came later that day. The connector is part of the $723 million Interstate 215 Widening Project which was initiated in 2007. The transportation agency, known by its acronym, SANBAG, for San Bernardino Associated Governments, said the widening project will be completed by next year.
The project will add a general use lane and a carpool lane in both directions between 10 Freeway and the 210 Freeway and an auxiliary lane from approximately the 210 to just south of University Parkway in San Bernardino.
The project also call for ramps between the 215 and the 210 freeways, new on- and off-ramps and the reconstruction of all bridges and underpasses throughout the 7.5-mile project.
Previously, those travelling east on the 210 who wished to go south on the 215 had to exit at State University Parkway and go north to West Highland Avenue and take that east to Mount Vernon and Avenue south and follow a tortuous route to an onramp to the South 215.

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