Chino Hills Grants City Manager An 18-Month Contract Extension

(November 23)  Chino Hills City Manager Mike Fleager was given an 18-month contract extension by the city council on November 13.
The action by the city council, taken on a 3-1 vote, extends Fleager’s contract, which was set to expire on May 31, 2018, to November 30, 2014.
Council members indicated they extended Fleager the added job security as a courtesy so he would not have to seek work elsewhere.
Mayor Art Bennett and councilmen Ed Graham and Peter Rogers approved the extension. Councilwoman Gwen Norton-Perry, who will leave office next month, opposed it. She said she thought it would be more appropriate it the full council that will be working with Fleager over the next two years made the determination.
The council is currently one member short, as a consequence of former councilman Bill Kruger’s resignation in September.
Norton-Perry will be replaced by Cynthia Moran, who was elected to the council on November 6. Kruger will not be replaced until a mail ballot is carried out in March.

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