$90.9 Million Adelanto Jail Project Grows To Just Under $100 Million

(September 14)  The main contractor on the county’s Adelanto Detention Center project this week was provided with change orders and contract amendments that will increase the overall contract amount to $99,316,987.
On December 14, 2010, the county board of supervisors awarded a construction contract to Lydig Construction of Bellevue, Washington for the construction of the Adelanto Detention Center at 9438 Commerce Way in Adelanto.
The original contract amount was for $90,951,937. Six previous change orders and contract amendments increased that contract to $97,856,518. Carl Alban, the county’s director of architecture and engineering, this week asked the board of supervisors to approve a contract amendment in the amount  of $557,668 to have Lydig install a stainless steel well casing for a new well and put in state fire marshal-required additional seismic upgrades to the fire protection lines.
Alban said he was asking Lydig to “upgrade the water well casing to address water quality issues discovered during the course of drilling for the new water well. The water quality test data indicated high arsenic concentrations approximately 3 times the allowable Title 22 Water Quality Limit and corrosive properties.”
Alban further asked the board to approve a $902,801 change order for the addition of detention ceilings at six 32-bed dorms, modifications to center core casework, guardrails and exhaust systems and other utility modifications and enhancements.
“This will compensate Lydig for the addition of detention ceilings to conceal piping in the 32-bed dorm areas in each of the six housing units; modifications to the casework, guard rails and exhaust system within each of the six center core areas; the application of an epoxy coating to provide for ease of cleanliness for all spoke, center core and columns within the six housing units; and various modifications to the security electronics, electrical and plumbing systems to provide security and safety enhancements,” Alban said.

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