Horse Operas Now Being Filmed In Lucerne Valley

The motion picture and television industry has discovered Lucerne Valley as a Western-themed location. Apple Valley-based Two-Gun Productions, which touts itself as a Christian-oriented media concern, is creating an answer to the once-popular HBO offering Deadwood. The series, called “Tales of the Frontier,” features far less, or more accurately, none of the foul language which was a staple of Deadwood. The family-oriented Tales of the Frontier has yet to be picked up by HBO, but in recent weeks it has been airing on, a global Internet-based television network. Two-Gun founders Tino Luciano and Garry Lee Brooks did not have to travel to far to find backdrops for the shooting of “Tales of the Frontier.” Portions of the series pilot were filmed at Lucerne Valley’s Lazy Lizard Ranch in northern Lucerne Valley.. Luciano and Brook’s production company have also made use of the Lazy G Ranch, located in southeast Lucerne Valley as a shooting location. Two half hour episodes of Tales of the Frontier play back to back from 7:30 to 8:30 Thursday night on Ask

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