Inveterate Pomierski Foe Musser To Again Seek Election as Upland Mayor

Though he twice was rejected by voters in his run for Upland mayor when he opposed John Pomierski in 2004 and 2008, Ray Musser was chosen to replace Pomierski after the latter resigned a week prior to his March 2011 indictment by a federal grand jury on extortion, bribery, conspiracy and political corruption charges. On Wednesday, Musser announced he will run for mayor again in November.
Musser has been on the city council since 1998, having been reelected as councilman in 2002, 2006 and 2010. He will be opposed in his run for mayor by councilman Gino Filippi, who was first elected in 2010.
Filippi has represented himself as a reformer and Musser as a mayor who was not elected to that position by a popular vote.
“This is the self-appointed mayor,” Filippi said. “He voted to appoint himself.”
Filippi has suggested that Musser was a willing participant in the Pomierski regime and the ethos that prevailed at City Hall during the years that led up to the now disgraced former mayor’s indictment.
“The voters will be able to chose from two very different pathways for our city – Musser’s failed policies of the past and lingering culture of corruption, or my new vision for our city where we balance our budgets, bring integrity back to city hall, and revitalize our jobs.”
Musser, however, referenced his longtime role as the sole political opposition to Pomierski and his numerous lone dissenting votes on issues and matters that were decided in Pomierski’s favor during the decade Pomierski dominated the city council.
“Those running for office have said we need a change, a new direction,” Musser said. “I disagree.  Why would we change the direction we are going?   We have come out of and are moving away from troubled times. Many of my objectives when I came into the mayor’s seat 14 months ago have been met, and we have overcome some significant challenges and adversities. With the support and cooperation of our council, I have led the charge for changes to campaign financing, limiting the financial influence of a few special interests and taking money out of Upland politics.  A new ethics and code of conduct ordinance was approved to which every elected official, appointed committee and city employee must follow and be held accountable. It is not a time to change direction and go back.  We have more challenges ahead of us, and the city will need experience and proven leadership to overcome these challenges.  It is not a time for inexperience and unproven leadership with unknown intentions to lead our city. It is for these reasons, and the responsibilities and commitments yet to be accomplished that I announce my intention to run for the office of Upland mayor in the November 2012 Election.”

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