Chino Converting Former Home Depot Into Police Department Headquarters

The Chino police department will soon transfer its headquarters from the 28,4000 square foot facility it has occupied since 1978 to one more than three times that size.
Chino is expending $21. 5 million to adapt the former Home Depot building off Walnut Avenue between Central and Benson into a 102,700 square foot edifice that will be more than large enough to house the police department and all related operations, even after the city achieves build-out.
According to city officials, the police department’s base of operations will not need to be expanded again. The city’s detective bureau, which is currently operating out of the county-owned Chino Courthouse, will transfer to the new headquarters.
The police operations center will feature energy efficient lighting and heating, 9,400 square feet of storage capacity, interrogation rooms, a gymnasium and a hangar to accommodate the city department’s mobile command center.
The city paid $9.9 million for the building.
The makeover of the empty Home Depois represents the city’s last redevelopment project, as its redevelopment agency was abolished last year by the state.

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