Rawland Leaving As Head Of County Behavioral Health

Allan Rawland, San Bernardino County’s director of behavioral health for the last seven years, will retire on April 7.
The board of supervisors last week appointed CaSonya Thomas, the department’s assistant director, to succeed Rawland.
Rawland is concluding a 46-year career in human services, having worked in six different counties in roles ranging from juvenile hall counselor, social worker, community organizer and activist, executive administrator in human and behavioral health departments, and as a faculty member with the California State University System.
Rawland mentored Thomas, hoping the board of supervisors would select her as his successor. “Ms. Thomas has my utmost support and I am confident that the Department of Behavioral Health is in excellent hands,”  Rawland said.
Chairwoman of the board of supervisors Josie Gonzales told Rawland at the March 13 board of supervisors meeting, “You have brought about such a beautiful change in the department. We have nothing but productivity, wholesomeness, and progression taking place and it is you we have to thank for that.”
The county of San Bernardino Department of Behavioral Health employs 860 people and has an annual budget of $292 million.
Thomas began her career with San Bernardino County in 1991 as an eligibility worker with the Department of Public Social Services, now known as the Transitional Assistance Department. She gained extensive managerial experience through several successive positions in human services during the past 20 years. Most notable has been her six-year career with the Department of Behavioral Health, where she has held multiple leadership positions, including chief compliance officer, deputy director, and assistant director.
“Being appointed the director of behavioral health is a great responsibility and the board of supervisors can rest assured that I will continue the tenets of inclusiveness and collaboration that have contributed so much to the department’s success,” Thomas said.
Ms. Thomas has a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a post-graduate degree in public administration, both from Cal State San Bernardino. She is also certified in healthcare compliance by the National Health Care Compliance Board and is a graduate of the San Bernardino County Management Leadership Academy and continues to participate in the program as a mentor.

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