County Crosses Up 14 Contractors On Courthouse Project Bid Process

The county’s architecture and engineering department has crossed up 14 contractors who submitted bids and undertook a tentative surveying of two of the county’s courthouses for advertised improvement projects there.
On January 2, 2012, the county architecture and engineering division advertised for competitive bids for nine informally bid Americans with Disabilities Act improvement projects in the Southern California Construction Bulletin and on the county website.
On January 12, 2012, 16 contractors attended a mandatory pre-bid meeting for the Big Bear Courthouse improvement project and 32 contractors attended a mandatory pre-bid meeting for the Rancho Cucamonga Courthouse improvement project
On January 26, 2012, ten bids were received for the Big Bear project and nine bids were received for the Rancho Cucamonga project.
According to Carl R. Alban, the director of the architecture and engineering division, “Following the opening of the bids, architecture and engineering conducted a review of the bid documents and determined the advertised plans and specifications contained incomplete information that required clarification. In order to be fair to all bidders and to ensure that both projects are constructed as required by the county, A&E [architecture and engineering] is recommending that the board of supervisors reject the bids received and therefore allow A&E to re-bid the Big Bear ADA [Americans With Disabilities] and Rancho ADA building improvements projects.”
A new mandatory pre-bid meeting and a new bid date for each of these projects will be scheduled in March 2012. A&E will re-advertise the two projects following guidelines set forth for informally bid projects and submit the contracts to the county’s  chief executive officer for approval following receipt of the bids.
Alban did not disclose what information was left out of the previously advertised plans and specifications for the projects.
Accordingly, the county rejected the bids received from B.W. Simmons Inc., of Calimesa; Laura A. Dahlem Inc. dba LAD Construction of Upland; R&R Design & Construction Corp. of Riverside; Dalke & Sons of Riverside; JM Builders of Redlands; O’Connell Engineering & Construction of Winchester; Fast Track Construction of Culver City; Arrowhead Construction Inc. dba Trinity Construction of Blue Jay;  CoreAccess Inc. of San Bernardino; and DJD Group Inc. of Riverside for the Big Bear Courthouse project and rejected the bids received from Laura A. Dahlem; Incotechnic Inc. of Buena Park;  R&R Design & Construction Corp.; Damon Inc. of Downey; KKG Inc. of Montclair; Fast Track Construction; IBN Construction Inc. of Orange; CoreAccess Inc.; and DJD Group for the Rancho Cucamonga Courthouse project.

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