California Style Fun Rings

This weekend I visited Las Vegas. I couldn’t help noticing all the women wearing fun rings. There’s something really nifty about them. They are a fun accessory. I knew I had to have one. Upon my return to California, I found a unique cocktail ring that fit my personality. The cocktail ring is an oversized affair that covers up to four of your fingers but is only worn on one. They have been around for about seventy years.

Stunning cocktail rings are big this year and make the perfect holiday accessory. They are a gorgeous number for any occasion. Some are embellished with diamonds, colorful stones, and some come in shapes of animals. The fun ring can add tons of pop to any ensemble. You can find cocktail rings just about anywhere (Nordstrom, H&M, JCrew, Macys, Target, etc…). Prices vary from as low as $4 up well into the $100 range. Some fun/cocktail rings are topped with large single stones or other patterns. These rings add boldness and sparkle to any outfit.

The point is to find one you can have fun with and wear it with your favorite dress, jeans, suit, etc… Cocktail rings are fabulous because you can actually find them for less than five bucks. The trend never goes out of style, they’re versatile, they add the sparkle that another accessory can’t replace, and they’re plain fun. If you don’t have your fabulously fun unique cocktail ring yet, it’s time you go out and seek the one for you. Off we go!

“A ring is a halo on your finger.” -Doug Coupland

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